January 6, 2023

Top Cat Headlines of 2022

From political animals to hero cats, from cat science to kitty-friendly videogames, 2022 was a busy news year for our feline friends. The MEOW-velous return of CatCon in October was certainly our highlight! Here’s our roundup of the top feline-centric stories, by CAT-egory: 


Credit Erin Scott, Official White House Photo

Science and Tech

Credit: Guinness Book of World Records

Cats to the Rescue! 

Credit: Hickory Aviation Museum

PAW-pular Culture

Cat Questions Answered

And in the Awww Dept…

Credit: Poorly Drawn Cats/Heloisa Nora

CatCon in the News

  • The Australian Firefighters made an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show,  sharing their mission of finding forever homes for 200 kittens at CatCon
  • CatCon revealed a new art exhibit dedicated to ‘National Treasure’ Nicolas Cage and his cat 
  • LA Weekly raved CatCon is “a wonderland of merch, feline-friendly celebrity appearances, petting, nibbles, stuff you’ve never even thought of, and of course, art.”

Featured image credit Reddit/ugodova

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