September 23, 2021

Wellness Tips from VetScoop

For our latest blog, CatCon has partnered with VetScoop to share their latest cat wellness information and advice. VetScoop is a team of veterinarians who believe that all pets deserve quality health care, and that quality care begins with reliable information. VetScoop provides free, science-based real talk pet advice that you can trust.

Stress-free Veterinarian Visits

Image courtesy CatCon

Your cat’s wellness starts with regular vet visits. In case you missed it, here are CatCon and VetScoop’s tips for preparing for your next veterinarian visit, the questions to ask and tests to request when you’re there, and what to look out for post-visit to make sure your cat has a long and healthy life. Read more.

All About Catnip

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You may see your cat go BANANAS over catnip, while other cats turn up their nose and walk away. Why is that?

Turns out the attraction to catnip’s scent is genetic, affecting some cats and others not at all. Learn more about the behaviors catnip brings out, how to use it to distract or reward your cat, and even how to keep mosquitoes away in Everything Catnip— What We Know About this Feline Favorite.

Why Cats Purr

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Cats purr when they are happy, but they also purr to communicate and sometimes as a way to self-heal. Learn more about how purring helps your cat self-regulate, and how it can help your mood, too, in Why Do Cats Purr.

Feline Sex Ed

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Understand the reproductive cycle of your young cat, and how to safely spay or neuter them for the sake of their health in Understanding Your Cat’s Unique Reproductive System.

Achoo! The Lowdown on Cat Sneezes

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Most cat sneezes, as cute as they may sound, are caused by a virus. But some may be caused by allergies or irritants in the air. Learn what’s normal and when to consult your veterinarian in Why Does My Cat Sneeze?

Kitty Weight Watchers

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You may think your cat looks cute when he’s “chonky”, but there’s a pet obesity epidemic, and your cat could be at risk. Learn more about feeding options and safe exercise plans in Kitty Weight Watchers? Exercise and Counting Calories are Good for Cats, Too.

Thanks to our partners at VetScoop for these helpful tips on cat wellness. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook for pet advice you can trust.