January 25, 2016

10 Cat Ladies Who Epitomize Chic

Last year we welcomed Diane Lovejoy, author of Cat Lady Chic to CatConLA for a panel called “Goodbye Dowdy, Hello Gorgeous: Debunking the Cat Lady Myth”. Lovejoy presented photos and anecdotes about gorgeous and captivating cat fanciers like Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn, proving once and for all that there’s no finer or more chic accessory than a cat!

In no particular order, here are our absolute favorite chic cat ladies!


Vivien Leigh
The legendary actress’s style is effortless
as she cuddles this Siamese kitten.


Marilyn Monroe
Sure she’s a sex symbol for the ages,
but Marilyn looks downright wholesome
holding this snow-white beauty.



Cher knows that far from being bad luck,
black cats lend an air of mystery and intrigue.



Audrey Hepburn
Holly Golightly’s companion showed us that
sophistication can come in deceptively plain packages.



Elizabeth Taylor
The raven-haired beauty only had
(violet) eyes for this adorable kitten.



Jane Russell
The brunette bombshell kept cozy
with the perfect accessory.



Catherine Deneuve
The perfect accompaniment to
the French beauty’s sexy tousled ‘do
is a sleek feline companion.


Taylor Swift - Instagram

 Taylor Swift
The most important members of the singer’s #squad?
Her two Scottish folds. (Photo credit: Taylor Swift / Instagram)



Grace Coddington
Vogue’s Creative Director is cutting back on her duties,
presumably to spend more quality time with her cat Bart,
and teaching us what it’s like to age with, well, grace.



Eva Longoria
The powerhouse actress/producer/restaurateur
is also a proud cat lady.