18 Cats Having A Bad Case Of The Mondays


The alarm goes off. You open your eyes.

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Annnnd immediately hide under the covers. You don’t want to get up….


Because it’s Monday again.


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If someone wants you out of bed, they’re gonna have to drag you out!

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Do. Not. Want. To. Get. Out. Of. Bed.

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Fine! You’ll get up. But you’re not gonna be happy about it.

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Getting up out the door is ~a process~. Every step involves lots of lamenting.

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Why me? Why Monday? WHY???

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Okay. Somehow you make it out the door and get to work. But just barely.

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Your face when Susan from accounting has the audacity to wish you a “Happy Monday!”

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How dare she.

TMW you feel like you’ve been at work for three days but the clock says you’ve only been at work for 15 minutes.

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The day drags on and on.

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“When will this Monday end?”

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The drive home is a struggle.

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But you finally make it home. Relax! You made it through the hardest day of the week.




Let’s just try and pretend this day never happened?

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Later, Monday! Until we meet again.