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May 28, 2019

5 Fun Facts About Cats

This year marks CatCon’s fifth Anni-furr-sary! To celebrate, we’re making lists of fives! Today we’re sharing 5 fun facts about cats. Hopefully, you’ll learn something new!


1. Cats have super powerful night vision!

According to Live Science, cat eyes have 6-8 times more rod cells than human eyes. That means they can see way better in the dark than humans. Just look at the image above for a comparison. Ameowzing!


2. Your cat meows for YOU.

Experts are not 100 purr-cent sure why cats meow, but they believe it’s to communicate to their people. One reason this theory is likely is because cats don’t meow to other cats. Mind blown!


3. If you love kitties, you’re an ailurophile!

Image courtesy Catington Post

Did you know that being a cat lover comes with a fancy title?

ailurophile [ ahy-loo r-uh-fahyl, ey-loo r- ]noun.a person who likes cats; cat fancier.

4. Cat and human brains are similar in many ways.

Image courtesy Psychology Today

Research shows that people and cats have very similar cerebral structures, including the part of the brain that controls emotion. In fact, scientists say that they’re purrty much identical. Now that’s really something!


5. Abraham Lincoln was a big cat fan, too!

Image courtesy History Collection

Honest Abe had four cats living with him at the White House. It’s been said that when Mary Todd Lincoln was asked if the President had any hobbies, she replied “Cats.” We can relate!