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September 21, 2018

Cat Decor for Home and Dorm

Whether you’re settling into your new dorm room or doing a full house remodel, the true feline fanatic is always on the lookout for chic and stylish ways to make their home decor show their love of cats!


For the Living Room



Courtesy Wayfair


Semi-sheer curtain panels from Wayfair are a throwback to when sleek and chic cats ruled mid-century modern homes.


Courtesy Curio


What litter box? This gorgeous end table made by Curio cleverly disguises a household essential.



The knit texture of this one-of-a-kind pillow cover by talkingloves on Etsy  gives it warmth along with its whimsy.




For the Bath



Courtesy Kohl’s

The cute cats in shades of teal on this shower curtain from Kohl’s can be accented with matching towels. If your kitty likes to accompany  you into the bathroom, he’ll feel right at home.


The minimal design of this cat toothbrush holder from Bed Bath & Beyond means it won’t clash, no matter how wild your toothbrush colors are.  Now if it could just remind us to floss…


Whether you use it in the bathroom or on a dressing table, this cat ear mirror from  Urban Outfitters will ensure you’re always looking your best!




For the Kid’s Room



Courtesy Target

Crayola has a full line of colorful and fun bedroom accents available at Target. Start with the Purrty Cat Curtain and see if you can resist the matching comforter, and pillows, and, and, and…



Courtesy Amazon

The black and white design of this Fashion Cat Duvet Set is a bold gender-neutral (and, HI, also age-neutral, because we LOVE it) design that goes with any color scheme. Find it on Amazon.


Courtesy PB Teen

This PB Teen faux-fur cat bean bag is cute AND comfy AND cuddly soft.




For the Dorm



Courtesy Amazon

Soften that harsh dorm lighting and bring a little magic to your dorm room with cat fairy lights from Amazon.


This embroidered cat back rest will help you study in bed in comfort and style. Just try not to pull too many all-nighters.  Available at Bed Bath & Beyond.


Courtesy PB Teen


This is the CUTEST way to stash your piles of dirty clothes, and when it’s time for visit home, this cat backpack from PB Dorm makes sneaking that laundry into the family’s pile a little easier.  


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