December 14, 2018

Christmas Tree Predicaments

white cat in tree

We asked our Facebook fans: Does your cat take over, or otherwise “help” with the Christmas tree decorations?

Click here to see the whole thread. Here are our favorite photos!

Above: Tree, lights, cat, and BOOM, decorating is done! Jennifer found the purr-fect ornament.


We tried she won

Like this tree made just for cat parents, some tried clever ways to get your tree out of claws’ way.

“We tried, she won,” said Julian.


he will help decorate

“He won’t take over but he will help decorate it,” says Harmonie. As long as he snaps out of that Christmas tree-induced trance!


Charlies favorite ornament

Who can blame Sharon’s cat Charlie for getting up close and purr-sonal with his favorite ornament? That’s a good looking ornament!


cat in christmas tree

Shadoe’s cat is still mastering the art of camouflage.


present pile cat
Jamie’s cat knows the present pile is where the action is!


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