October 24, 2022


It’s Spooky Season, and that means it’s time for our feline friends (at least, the ones who will tolerate it) to get decked out in their finest costumes!

Image above: Instagram/@eatdrinkcat

@catnamedsquirrel is trying to decide what to be for Halloween, what do you think?

Some costumes are so effective it’s SCARY!

I mean… EEEK!

@lady_flufferton‘s costume really is a scre-am

OTOH The Bride of Frankenstein never looked this cute!

A few more of our faves from @eatdrinkcat, @georgemichaelhops, @mr.einsteinthecat, @willowthebeautifulcat

“Here MEW come again!” @pawsofwinterfell captures the true essence of Dolly Parton!

When it comes to making biscuits and choosing a Halloween costume, Grandma knows best!

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