October 31, 2017

Let’s Go Global with @izzyandthefluff

In this second iteration of Let’s Go Global, we traveled over to the Netherlands to meet Izzy and the Fluff (aka Zoë) – a purrfect pair with wondrous markings, and some pretty mesmerizing eyes. We had a chance to catch up with these two over email (no opposable thumbs, no problem here) to discuss their meowmy, their favorite toys, and Birds vs Mice.


CatCon: How old are you, and where did you come from?

Izzy and Zoë: We are two years old and from the Netherlands.

CatCon: How did your humans decide on your names?

Izzy: Originally, our humans were only going to adopt one kitten and they had chosen me, Izzy (Zoë is not supposed to know this). They had bought one of everything: bowl, cat bed, etc. However, little Zoë charmed them into adopting her as well. She had a little trick up her chest: a big black heart-marking. But mainly, the humans could not bear to separate us as we were clearly very attached to each other. This meant that they then suddenly had to come up with a name duo, rather than just one name. It took a few days. To tell us apart in the meantime, they referred to Zoë as ‘the fluffy one’. That is where her nickname ‘The Fluff’ came from. Eventually they settled on the name Zoë first. I was named Izzy after one of meowmy’s late cats, because that name just really fit me personality.

CatCon: What is your most distinctive characteristic?

Zoë: The big black heart marking on my chest. I am an aspiring honorary CareBear as well as Queen of Hearts.

Izzy: My expressive face with my giant golden eyes. Many people compare my eyes to those of an owl, and my facial expressions will always let you know what I am thinking.

CatCon: What are some of your favorite cat toys?

Izzy: The feather stick! And the feather bird! Anything feathers, really.

Zoë: Crinkle balls. I love to play soccer with them. But I also do a mean jump at those feather birds!

CatCon: Give us a snapshot of your average day.

We greet Pawpa (our human dad) at the door when we hear his alarm. When he takes a shower, Zoë likes to make him kneel so she can drink the warm water from his hands. When he’s dressed up, we meow at him until he gives us our food. After he goes to work, we go in the bedroom where meowmy is still sleeping. Izzy will sleep in her arms while Zoë attacks her feet. Someone has to do it.

After she finally gets up, we follow her around the house all day. Wherever she is, so are we. It is essential that when she gets up from behind her PC, Zoë must steal her spot. When Pawpa comes home, Zoë runs down to greet him at the door. From then on, we divide our attention between our pawrents.

CatCon: Are you indoor or outdoor, and where do you spend more time?

We are mainly indoor cats. When the weather is nice, we are allowed in the enclosed yard – under supervision, of course. Sometimes we see the neighbor’s cat, Biba, from under the fence. We are not sure what to think of her.

CatCon: If you could chase one thing, would it be a bird or a mouse?

Izzy: Bird.

Zoë: Mouse.

CatCon: What was the turning point in your career – i.e., when did you get discovered?

It was the summer of 2016. It started with articles by Hello Giggles, Metro and The Dodo all around the same time. Especially the latter caused a whole lot of articles to pop up everywhere, from Japan to Brazil! About a year later, a Bored Panda article caused another round of viral across the globe.


You can (try to!) keep up with Izzy & the Fluff on Instagram.