February 24, 2022

Kitty Clean Up!

Our kitties can get into some huge messes around the house. It’s a good thing they’re so cute! 

What, you mean that tantalizing toy in the bathroom isn’t just for me? 

Courtesy @emmys_roses/Instagram
Courtesy @boots_the_orange/Instagram

How about this big toy in the kitchen then? No? 

Courtesy @hotpotrightmeow/Instagram

Hey, at least I waited until you took all the eggs out of the carton. 

Courtesy @molly.and.chase/Instagram

I’m not sure how else to convey my distaste for this flavor of kibble.

Courtesy @leo_the_viking_cat/Instagram

Of course, kitties don’t just make messes, they help clean up, too. 

Or not.

Before vacuuming may start, one must negotiate a peace treaty with the dreaded vacuum.

Courtesy @lukefujiwara/Instagram

Hooman, are you sure you’re washing the dishes thoroughly? 

Just making sure… 

Courtesy @imogenkitten/Instagram

Time to do the laundry! 

Courtesy @lumpysgarage/Instagram

The washing machine can be a dangerous temptation. Best to keep a distance.

Courtesy @macbon.oneokrock/Instagram

Or use a decoy.

Courtesy @catmay0513/Instagram

Let’s put those clean sheets on the bed… 

But at the end of a long day, maybe it’s best to just embrace the chaos. 

Courtesy @vanity.license.plates/Instagram

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