May 27, 2020

Let’s Get Fur-Real

We hope you’re hanging in there, safely quarantining if you can. Maybe you’re learning to bake like @mr.bingley.mainecoon, or binging that Netflix show that everyone’s talking about, like


Quarantine didn’t stop the thousands of people who participated in the National Cat Lady Day celebration April 19th, like @hogan.winky.kitty and @shredmycouch. Tons of you showcased your cat pride and you can catch up with them all by following the #NationalCatLadyDay hashtag on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! However you’re passing the time, we hope you and your kitty friends are getting some quality snuggle time! This throwback blog post about the purr-fect comfort our feline companions bring us is so true, now more than ever! 


The comfort of animals in times of crisis – like what we’re experiencing right now – is also the topic of the very first episode of “Let’s Get Fur-Real“, a new podcast from CatCon creator Susan Michals. The premiere features her conversation with “America’s Veterinarian” and founder of Fear Free Pets, Dr. Marty Becker,who walks us through how animals can help us cope in times of crisis, and what we can learn to better understand them, and ourselves.

Dr. Marty Becker and his kitty.

In upcoming episodes, Susan will cover all sorts of pet-centric subjects, like how animals can teach us to be more mindful, debunking myths about pets and pet owners, (like the cat lady myth!!!), even tales of famous pet in history. Along the way, you’ll get information from top experts, and hear touching, informative, hilarious and surprising stories, from passionate animal lovers — just like you!


We hope Let’s Get Fur-Real” brings you some much-needed diversion, expert advice, and PURRspective in these unprecedented times. Who would you like to hear from in future podcasts? What are some of the subjects you’d like to see covered? We’d love to hear your feedback and ideas at!


Special thanks to our good friends at World’s Best Cat Litter, the #1 natural cat litter made from whole kernel corn.For every stream of the first three episodes of Let’s Get Fur-Real, World’s Best will donate 1 LB of cat litter to various shelters across the U.S. in their GiveLitter™ program, up to ONE MILLION POUNDS!! So stream and share with your fur-riends everywhere, because every listen will benefit cats in need.


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