Pudge’s Dating Profile

Pudge is a fabulous, single female feline who’s always on the lookout for the perfect partner to tickle her whiskers. Think you might know a cat who’s right for our girl Pudge? Take a peek at her dating profile.


Name: Pudge (no last name, not unlike Madonna, or Ke$ha)

Age: 7 (but age is just a number)

Hobbies: paper bags, boxes, laundry baskets, donuts, chin scratches, (some) dogs, donuts, sinks, bathtubs, measuring tape, donuts, napping on computer keyboards, travel

Favorite foods: chicken and donuts

What she’s looking for: A kindred kitty spirit who shares my interests, isn’t too clingy (I like to travel), and doesn’t care that my mustache is always going to be way better than his. Also … donuts.

Full disclosure: Don’t get any big ideas — I’m spayed.


(This feature originally appeared in the official CatCon 2017 program.)