June 16, 2022

The Cat Dads of CatCon

Sunday, June 19th is Father’s Day! To celebrate, let’s get to know some of the cat dads of CatCon. ME-OW!

Aaron Benitez

Aaron, Prince Michael, and friends at CatCon 2019

Best known as Aaron of Aaron’s Animals, this guy plays furrther figure to Prince Michael and Phil. 

Nathan Kehn

Nathan in Purradise City, CatCon 2019

While Nathan is a self-proclaimed cat lady, we couldn’t NOT mention him in a roundup of our favorite cat dads! 

Mick Szydlowski

Mick, Juno and Klaus at CatCon 2018

He’s the father to the late, great Oskar the Blind Cat as well as CatCon faves Klaus and Juno.

Sterling “Trap King” Davis

Sterling brought the house down at CatCon 2018, and joined CatCon From Your Couch in 2020 and 2021

Sterling isn’t your every day cat dad — he’s a pioneer in the TNR community and a hero to kitties everywhere!

James Petix

James at CatCon 2018

Longtime CatConner James and his kitty @finforthewin joined us as talent for CatCon From Your Couch.

Jesse Woodard

Jesse at CatCon 2017

Jesse is a veteran CatConner, and a Godfather to his very own MEOWfia!

Cat dads, treat yo’self! Happy Father’s Day to all the cat dads out there!