June 15, 2019

The Cat Dads of CatCon

Sunday, June 21st is Father’s Day! To celebrate, let’s get to know some of the cat dads of CatCon. ME-OW!


Aaron Benitez

Image courtesy Aaron / Facebook

Best known as Aaron of Aaron’s Animals, this guy plays furrther figure to Prince Michael and Phil. 


Nathan Kehn

Image courtesy Nathan / Facebook

While Nathan is a self-proclaimed cat lady, we couldn’t NOT mention him in a roundup of our favorite cat dads! 


Francesco Marculiano

Image courtesy Francesco

Francesco is the dad of cats Kiki and Leelo, who also “edited” his latest book Claw the System.


Chris Poole

Image courtesy Chris

You know this guy! He’s the cat daddy to internet cuties Cole and Marmalade.


Mick Szydlowski

Image courtesy Mick

He’s the father to the unforgettable LEGEND that is Oskar the Blind Cat as well as his brother Klaus, and new addition to the family Juno.


Sterling “Trap King” Davis and Adam Myatt “The Cat Man of West Oakland”

Adam and Sterling aren’t your every day cat dads — they’re pioneers in the TNR community and heroes to kitties everywhere!


Jesse Woodard

Image courtesy Jesse

Jesse is a veteran CatConner, a Godfather to his very own MEOWfia who we profiled earlier this year.

Cat dads, treat yo’self! Happy Father’s Day to all the cat dads out there!


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