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November 26, 2019

What Our Kitty Friends are Thankful For

CatCon adoptee Maddie is thankful for her forever home! (Image courtesy Facebook/Jamie D.) We asked some of other our kitty pals what they were grateful for this Thanksgiving… here’s what they had to say! 

@misskittyprettygirl, aka The CatCon Muse

I’m thankful my new roommate (Buddy, the dog) can’t get on the bed without the help of our human, and thus, I can sleep without interruption all day. I’m thankful for the LA winter sun that hits me just right between 12-2 pm daily.

Miss Kitty Pretty Girl
Buddy the Dog, definitely NOT on Miss K’s bed.


Thankful fur Mildred (the squirrel) my best friend that I get to see through the glass everyday.



I’m thankful that my good looks are still there (and improving) at nearly 20!



7. Mah Hoomans

6. Kibble

5. Naps

4. Treats

3. Sunshine

2. The water from the tuna can

1. Sherman



We are thankful for our little humans, free tows around the house, and for all things cardboard.



I am Thankful for pancakes, syrup, my PetRock and sometimes my mom.


We asked our Facebook fans what their cats were thankful for, too… (You can get in on the fun by posting right here!)


Miss Coco Chanel is thankful for her (fancy!) buggy, and the choice to ride for a while or walk (on her leash).


These three are thankful for a mom they can treat like a pillow! 


Snickers is thankful for his bunny that he carries around while meowing throughout the house.


Luna is thankful for her new tent. Finally! A little privacy.


This guy is thankful for “his” heater! 


Jack is thankful for having a good book to curl up with. 


Bernadette is thankful that she only has to go for a ride in the car once a year.


Whether you’re going over the river and through the woods, or spending Turkey Day right at home, Team CatCon wishes you and your cats a very Happy Thanksgiving!


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