November 21, 2023

2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Orange and white cat nestled among wrapped presents and rolls of wrapping paper

The holiday season is upon us! Get a jumpstart on your holiday gift buying for the cats and cat lovers in your life with our picks – from affordable stocking stuffers to paw-sitively extravagant luxuries! 

For Your Cat

1) Rambling, Late-Night Text From Your Cat Catnip Toy – $8.99

Blue Q

If you’ve ever wondered what your cats would text you if they hit the catnip a little too hard one night… 

Cat playing with catnip toy that looks like a phone text screen

2) Pop ‘n Purr Mix Treat/Toy – $10.99

Dezi & Roo

It’s a toy! It’s a treat! It’s pre-loaded with Cloud Nine silvervine to drive your kitty wild! 

Photo of lollipop-shaped cat toys/treats

3) Caterpillar Cat Toy – $19.50


Caterpillar and leaf of your choice filled with organic catnip or matatabi will keep kitty entertained and looks so cute even when she’s not playing with it! 

Photo of an orange cat playing with a caterpillar and leaf catnip toy

4) Meow Silicone Cat ID Tag – $23.96

Besties Pets

Your cat is safe AND stylin’ with this silicone ID tag. 

Front and back of a pet tag. Front says "Meow", back says name and phone number

5) The Pyramid Hideaway – $24


The timeless design of this cat hideaway looks great in your living room, or anywhere! 

Photo of a white cat stepping out behind a pyramid cat hideaway in a modern living room

6) Cardboard Gingerbread Cat Play House – $38.99

The Cat is in the Box 

Just in time for the holidays, a DIY playhouse for your cat that the whole family can help decorate! 

Photo of an orange cat stepping out of a cardboard gingerbread house

7) Macaron Box Set of four Catnip Toys – $40

Whimsily Ever After

These macarons look good enough to eat – but they’re actually just for playtime. Great for multi-cat households so no one has to share! 

Photo of macaron-shaped cat toys in orange, purple, blue and green

8) Sun Shape Cat Wall Shelves – $79.00


The timeless design of this wall shelf looks great even when your beautiful cat isn’t purr-ched on it! 

Photo of striped cat sitting on a stylized sun pattern cat shelf

9) Meownooker Cat Toy Set – $79.99

Vetreska NYC

Is it snooker or billiards or pool? All we know is that your cat will have a BALL playing with this ingenious toy set! 

Photo of a small pool table with felt balls and cat dancers - a cat toy

10) Bubble Rolling Pet Carrier – $139.99

Vetreska NYC

You and kitty will turn heads and travel in style with this bubble rolling pet carrier! 

Photo of a woman pulling a round cat carrier with a clear window. Inside the carrier sits a white and patterned cat

11) Esteem Cat Tower $699

Bon Cat Furniture

The sleek design of this cat tower belies the myriad ways your cat will scout, play, and rest on it. 

Photo of a cat tree with four shelves and a cat toy dangling from the top shelf

12) Cat Dreamy Castle – $1999.99

Happy and Polly 

Ok, hear us out… we never got that playhouse we longed for as a kid, so this kind of feels like an overdue and justified gift for the humans AND the cats in the household. No? Well, a cat can dream… 

Photo of a kitten sitting in a pink castle playhouse surrounded by artificial roses

For the Cat Lover

1) Sassy Greeting Cards – $6


S-purread some holiday cheer with these cute holiday cards! 

Greeting card with illustration of a cat in a stocking and the caption "Have a Cozy Holiday"
Greeting card with illustration of a cat wrapped up in holiday lights and the caption "Merry Catmas!"

2) Cat Person Pronoun Pins  – $12

The Catnip Dispensary

These chic enamel pins are the purr-fect stocking stuffer to let them share their pronouns AND their love of cats. 

Three cat head silhouette enamel pins with the text: SHE/HER, THEY/THEM, HE/HIM

3) Embroidered Cat Mom/Cat Dad Beanie – $12.00


Cat Moms and Cat Dads can keep warm while showing their cat pride. 

Photo of a green beanie with the words "Cat Mom" in embroidery, and a red beanie with the words "Cat Dad" in embroidery

4) Stuck on Mew Washi Craft Tape – $12.95


Crafty kittens can use this cute washi tape for scrapbooking and other creative purr-ojects! 

Photo of Leezaworks Washi craft tape with various black and white cat patterns

5) Art Prints – $25 – $40

Megan Lynn Kott 

Cute and clever signed art prints by CatCon alum Megan Lynn Kott, with or without frame. 

Illustration of a striped cat sitting in a litter box by Megan Lynn Kott. The caption reads "I'm Just Trying to Get My Shit Together"

6) Matching  Pajamas $25.99 – $64.99


Wondering what to wear for your holiday family PAW-traits? How about matching kitty and me pjs?!

7) Ornament Cat Necklace – $50


How cute are these ornament cat necklaces? SO CUTE! They’ll help you be the belle of any Holiday Ball!

8) The Bipetual T-shirt- $65


Bipetual t-shirt, for those who love their cat and dog fur babies equally! 

9) Smart Pet Camera Robot – $119


Peace of mind for you, and a smart companion for your cat when you’re away. 

Photo of a white cat with two Enabot pet cameras

10) Brayton Laguna Kitty Cat Combo – $175 

Bauer Pottery

This sleek feline duo brings mid-century flair to any home decor. 

Photo of two cat sculptures in a mid-century abstract style

11) Lucky Cat Crystal Decorative Accent – $520


Pounce on this Baccarat lucky cat figurine before they’re sold out! 

Photo of a crystal cat waving - Lucky Cat style

12) Cheetah Boots and Coat – $522- $895 

Simon Miller

This luxe faux fur coat with matching boots is the ultimate indulgent gift for the chic-est cat ladies! 

Photo of a woman in a cheetah print coat, matching purse and boots

Team CatCon wishes you and your kitty a warm and wonderful holiday season! 

Main photo by Moisés Cabello/Pexels

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