May 10, 2024

Graduation Cats!

It’s the time of year when our timeline is full of happy graduates and their families. The best ones, of course, are the ones featuring FELINE family members, too. Here are some of our faves from the last few years! Image above courtesy Pinterest

@el_gato_mushy graduated from “la escuela felina”!

Courtesy Instagram/@el_gato_mushy

@elizabeth_jung included a reluctant Callie in her graduation pix

Courtesy Instagram/@elizabeth_jung

The youngest member of @thefluffyfamilyx does not understand what all the fuss is about!

Courtesy Instagram/@thefluffyfamilyx

@jeffrey_theferalcat was upset he couldn’t be at his meow-my’s graduation in PURR-son. 

Courtesy Instagram/@jeffrey_theferalcat

Unlike @zuma_meow_prince, who has had enough of his hooman’s nonsense! 

Courtesy Instagram/@zuma_meow_prince

@old_man_cuddles mom got her MLA (Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture) the same time he got his MLA (Master’s in Laying Around).

Courtesy Instagram/@old_man_cuddles

@lilypawter looks a little less enthused about her mom getting her doctorate.

Courtesy Instagram/@lilypawter

@paige_razor had not one, not two, but three proud fur babies to share her graduation joy.

Courtesy Reddit/@paige_razor

@mikaylanh was missing her cat while away at college, but she had this memory of her high school graduation to cheer her up! 

Courtesy Reddit/@mikaylanh

Maybe our favorite cat graduation stories are from school communities who come together to celebrate their love of felines. Like Eckerd College in Florida, which lets pets of all kinds march with their people — mini hedgehogs, lizards, dogs and cats alike!

And De la Salle University in Manila, which held a graduation graduation ceremony for campus cat Archer, to the delight of their students. 

But maybe the most committed to the cat graduation celebration was Parker, who posted a series of professional graduation pix with his cat Zeus. When asked if the cat liked being held so close, Parker claimed Zeus was “overly attached”. Riiiiiight, it’s the cat who’s overly attached.  

Be sure to check out our collection of cat grads on our Pinterest board. Do you have any cap and gown pix with your cat? Post it and tag @catconworldwide on Instagram, and we may feature you!