March 2, 2023

Introducing Nathan’s Fosters

Nathan Kehn, aka @nathanthecatlady is a Los Angeles actor turned social media cat influencer.  With his four cats Pickles, Ginger, Annie and Princess, he creates funny videos, helps out rescues, and changes the stereotype and stigmas around being a cat owner. 

Nathan’s Fosters is a new program to help cats in need in the L.A. area

CATCON: You just announced a new venture – what is it?  

Nathan: Nathan’s Fosters, in partnership with Stray Cat Alliance. I have partnered with seven large pet brands to build an incentive box for any new foster signups. 

If all goes well I would love for this to expand to other rescues in the LA area and even take this nationwide. I have already had people from around the country reach out about doing this with their rescues. 

There’s an awesome package that comes with becoming part of the fostering program – what’s in it?

The package really is amazing. From partner brands they receive:

  • Weruva wet food, enough to last them two months.
  • Catalyst: One large bag of sustainable softwood litter, and a free bag coupon for a second bag if needed. They also receive one of Catalyst’s unique scoopers.
  • Pet Greens: One box of cat grass and catnip.
  • Pet Ag: Kitties that are not on real food yet will get a baby bottle and milk replacer.
  • Catit:  Their amazing cat carrier, electronic mushroom cat toy, and an entire tub of treats. 
  • K&H: One Kat Window sill bed that attaches to the glass.
  • Yeowww: 3 catnip plush toys.
  • A little red blanket with paw prints from me, along with Nathan’s Fosters Stickers.  

They also get to participate in a Nathan’s Fosters private Facebook group to exchange photos and tips. The link to sign up is

The Nathan’s Fosters incentive package includes goodies from seven pet brands!

Why did you decide to create Nathan’s Fosters? 

I have been working with Stray Cat Alliance and Kitten Rescue LA for a while and they are always telling me how short of foster homes they are.  I have people reaching out to me all the time to help them with cats they have rescued. I always contact the rescues and they help when they can but don’t always have fosters. 

I realized that I can use my following and reach to get more people to foster.  I also thought, since I already work with so many brands it would be a good idea to have them donate to this amazing starter package. I think it’s really important to get cats waiting for a home out of their tiny enclosures and in a home while they wait. It also frees up space for new kitties coming into the shelter that might need more help or attention. 

When is kitten season in L.A., exactly? 

Kitten Season lasts from around March to October.

Nathan and his cats

What do your cats think of Nathan’s Fosters? 

I think my cats are thrilled that I’m helping get cats fostered – without bringing them to my apartment, ha ha.

Nathan at CatCon 2022

Are you coming to CatCon this August? 

Of course I’ll be there!  I love going and connecting with my followers and all the awesome people who comment on my videos. 

CatCon is August 3rd & 4th, 2024 at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, CA. Sign up here to be the first to know the latest CatCon news!