October 9, 2020


We’re highlighting our Premium Exhibitors in the lead up to CatCon. Today’s post is by Leezaworks be sure to check them out in our Virtual Exhibit Hall at CatCon From Your Couch!


If you’ve ever struggled to find modern, graphic artwork of cats (especially black cats) with a dash of whimsy and retro flare, know you’re not alone. When Leeza Hernandez, the artist behind Leezaworks, LLC couldn’t find just the right cat art as a gift for her friend, she turned to her sketchbook for a solution. 


“I’ve always doodled cats, because they’ve always been present in my life ever since I was a kid,”  Leeza said. “Thanks to the encouragement of friends, a local cat shelter and a nosey, but polite man on a plane in Europe who congratulated me on capturing just the right cattitude in a sketch—I now create (mostly) black cat art for others and I love it!”


Simplicity is key with Leeza’s work, whose goal is to always distill a scene, or some cat antics down to the bare minimum. She believes ‘less is more’ and loves it when customers come back with glowing praise that’s all about how relatable a piece of her art is to their personal cat experiences.


Leeza’s process echoes that of screen printing and works mostly with shapes, blocks of flat color and a touch of texture for visual interest. She works by hand first—using pencil, printing inks and textured papers—then collages the final print digitally. For original pieces and private commissions, Leeza works with traditional media such as colored pencils or gouache. Her cat art has now grown into products including prints, stickers, keychains, stationery sets, fabric, plush and more!



One goal that’s become a reality for the Leezaworks, LLC studio is helping cats in need. A portion of proceeds made through the sales of Leeza’s art is donated to shelters across the country. In 2020, Nigel the Black Cat Plushie (based on one of Leeza’s illustrations) was brought to life and for every sale of a Nigel, $8 is donated back to helping kitties in need. Nigel has helped raise more than $1,200 so far since June of this year!


This is Leeza’s first time participating in CatCon and is delighted to meet new furriends and chat about cats and art with fellow cat lovers. Check out her CatCon booth in the premium exhibitor section for a special 15% discount offer available on all purchases in her Etsy shop using code: CCFYC2020. Offer Ends 11:59 p.m., October 16, 2020. 

Go give her a follow and say hello on Instagram @leezaworks


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