April 18, 2022

April 19th is National Cat Lady Day!

National Cat Lady Day is April 19! Embrace the Cat Lady within you, and share photos of you and your feline bestie using the #NationalCatLadyDay hashtag on Instagram and Facebook!

Here’s a throwback to some of our fave posts from the very first celebration.

Our friend @SimonsCat posted this sweet video!
Here is intrepid adventurer @artemis_fluff.


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Here’s @bunnybattleaxe showing off her crew.
@johauni has a whole fluffy fam, too!

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@schrepple and her calico opted for a more chill observation of the day.

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@tunameowt got the whole kitty clan involved.

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These Cat Ladies posted a throwback to prove they’re OG. Once a Cat Lady, always a Cat Lady!

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Mutts Comics joined in on the fun, too!


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And our pal @iammoshow sent some #CatLadyLove our way.

Some of the internet’s favorite cats took part…


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We cannot WAIT to see your posts this year on April 19th! #NationalCatLadyDay