April 19, 2017

National Cat Lady Day!

Cat ladies at CatCon 2016. Image courtesy of @ladybearcat_ on Instagram

For far too long the Cat Lady has gotten a bad rap. Crazy sweater wearing, dowdy, antisocial cat-hoarding eccentrics. The stereotype and the attached stigma is unfair, untrue and outdated.

The modern Cat Lady is powerful, independent, caring. She’s not defined solely by the furry company she keeps, or how many cats she may have. She is a multifaceted, sassy woman, who just happens to have a great love of the feline.

And that is a cause for celebration! CatCon creator Susan Michals thought it should be, so she founded National Cat Lady Day. (To be honest, we’re still in shock that it wasn’t already a thing!)

Wednesday, April 19th is National Cat Lady Day. So break out the catnip, pop open your finest bottle of bubbly, and let’s celebrate Cat Ladies the world over! Just don’t expect your cats to plan the party for you. They’re cats, not party planners, after all.

CatCon has put together a list of some of our favorite cat ladies — ones who epitomize cat lady cool, cat lady chic and cat lady love. And while April 19th marks the official day honoring these women, if you ask us, every day is really Cat Lady Day. Don’t you agree?

Grace Coddington

Image courtesy YouTube/Vogue

Kate McKinnon

Image courtesy GQ

Dita Von Teese

Image via Instagram


Image via Instagram

Taylor Swift

Image courtesy
Swift Fandom

We talked to some of the coolest cat ladies we know about what it means to embrace the cat lady lifestyle! WATCH:

Now join us April 19 to celebrate National Cat Lady Day. Post on your fave social platform and use the hashtags #NationalCatLadyDay and #CatCon to share how you’re observing the occasion!

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