January 8, 2018

Let’s Go Global with @_gochloego_

Next in CatCon’s Lets Go Global! series, meet @_gochloego_, a special girl who is gliding from her hallway in San Francisco straight into our hearts. All photos courtesy @_gochloego_

Where do you live? How old are you, and where did you come originally come from?

Chloe: Hi! I’m Chloe and I’m 9 months old. I have had an amazing life so far–and it gets better every day. Kitten Lady Hannah Shaw, my foster mom, and her boyfriend Andrew, my foster dad, picked me up from a shelter close to their home when I was only a few weeks old. Lucky for me, Hannah and Andrew took me home with them where I spent 5 amazing months with them. As you may know, my back two legs are paralyzed–but we aren’t 100% sure what happened to my back legs and tail, and I was too little when the injury happened to remember any of it.

Hannah and Andrew taught me lots of things–how to play on my own, how to glide around the house; I was introduced to their other foster kittens and cats, and I got lots of snuggles.  Around September, Hannah packed up my blanket and Alpaca (my favorite toy), and we got on a plane for San Francisco. When we got to my new city, I met my new parents Val and Charlie at the airport. We all went back to my new home where I met my new brother (Doogie) and got to play with all kinds of new toys. And the rest is history!

You have a domestic partner… or is he more a roommate? Tell us a bit about him.

My big brother Doogie lives at home with Mom, Dad and me–he’s definitely my best friend. When I first came home, Doogie hid for a few days and made some not so nice sounds under the door. But after a few days of Mom passing treats to both of us near the door, and giving big brother some personal space, he came around. It took a few days before we started playing together–maybe a week! Doogie LOVES treats, long naps on the bed, sleeping as close to Mom and Dad as possible (which sometimes leaves very little room for me), and watching “Jeopardy” on the top couch cushion, with his paw on Dad’s shoulder. He loves me too, but he shows it by tackling me (he’s REALLY heavy), chasing me down our hallway, and pretending to sleep while I try and cuddle up to him–lately he’s just given in and let me, and it’s SO cozy!

What’s your typical day like?

Everyday is new and exciting to me because I’m still a kitten! I wake up around 5:45 every morning when Dad gets up for work, because by then brother is HUNGRY and won’t let Dad shower till he’s had his crunchies (seriously–he’ll sit in the bathroom blocking the door–what a silly guy). So, lucky for me, breakfast is bright and early! Then I cruise around and play a little while Mom gets ready for work, and just before she heads out the door, she helps me go potty. Because of my rear leg paralysis, I can’t go potty on my own, so my Mom and Dad help me. Mom holds me over the toilet, and gently squeezes my bladder. I can’t feel it, so sometimes I get really grumpy when she’s holding me above the toilet because I could be busy playing!

My babysitter Lizzie comes by around 2, helps me go potty and gives me and Doogie treats. She sends Mom pictures of us while she’s at work–because we are SO CUTE. In the evening, we play, get some dinner, play some more, I cuddle up and watch some TV, and then it’s time to go potty again, and get ready for bed! Usually right before bed, I’m extra playful, so Dad turns on my laser toy so I chase it for a little bit.

Who is the one person or animal you’d love to meet and why?

Oh this is a tough one–but I’d have to go with my Papa Mark. He’s my Mom’s Dad but unfortunately, he’s very allergic to kitties, so I haven’t been able to spend as much time with him. Sometimes I get presents from him and my Grandma, and Grandma says “Chloe, this gift is from Grandpa Sneezy.” I don’t know what that means though, must be his nickname. Mom sends him lots of pictures and videos of me and he thinks I’m pretty great.

What is the one thing people don’t know about you?

Most people don’t know how fast I am, on my front two legs. I am just as quick as my four legged brother!I can run after toys and I especially like hardwood floors because I can slide SO much faster. It does mean I get tired a bit easier, but after a quick Chloe cat nap, I am ready to run again!




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What’s your favorite toy?

All of my toys are my favorite–toys are the BEST. But, I really love my automatic laser Dad turns on before bedtime. Sometimes I’ll sit in front of it so he knows I want it turned on. Other times when I am down the hall in the kitchen, Dad will turn it on just to see me FLY down the hall to chase it, because I know the sound of that laser and I get so excited!

Do you have nicknames for your new mom and dad?

Just Mom and Dad! But they call me all kinds of things–Mom especially. She calls me Baby Chloe, Chloe Girl, Little Lambie, Chloe Bear, Chlo Chlo or sometimes just Little Lady!

What’s your motto?

Be Kind–Everyone should love, hug, purr and cuddle more!

What are you most looking forward to in 2018?

My first birthday, of course! Mom said she has some surprises in store for me and my instagram where she puts pretty pictures of brother and I up–I hope it’s a new party hat or a new toy!!