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November 18, 2018

Miss Kitty’s Thanksgiving Etiquette Guide

miss kitty outdoors

Attending a Friendsgiving soiree this holiday? We asked Miss Kitty Pretty Girl, aka Miss Kitty, aka Miss K, aka The CatCon Muse to offer up her advice that every well-MEOWnered guest needs to know. Whether you’re Team Stuffing or Team Green Bean Casserole, we all wish you and your fur babies a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Photo above Miss Kitty Pretty Girl, aka The CatCon Muse Courtesy Erica Danger


miss kitty friend

Courtesy CatCon

Always ask before bringing a plus-one. Nobody likes a party crasher.


miss kitty flowers

Courtesy Erica Danger

If you have special dietary needs, it’s polite to bring your own dish.

I’d share my recipe for “Wet Food Surprise,” but it’s a family secret.


Courtesy CatCon

Never show up empty handed. I find that boxes make the very best gifts, especially for my fellow felines.


miss kitty grooming

Courtesy CatCon

Best paw forward! A good thorough grooming before arrival is just common courtesy.


miss k waiting

Courtesy CatCon

For goodness sake, arrive on time!

This is me the last time a guest was late to one of my dinner parties. Believe me, they won’t be doing THAT again.


miss k chair

Courtesy CatCon

Follow your host’s seating chart.

Sure, you deserve the best chair, but you don’t want to make things awkward.


miss k delicious

Courtesy CatCon

Compliment the chef!

Even if you know you’re going to need to hit the In n’ Out drive thru on the way home.


miss k flat

Courtesy CatCon

Don’t overindulge. The holiday season is long and full of temptations– remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint.


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