May 4, 2023

Our 9 Favorite Cat Eye Glasses

They say cats have nine lives… now perfect your cat lady chic look with these nine cat eye glasses for nine different lifestyles!

zeroUV Cat Eye Reading Glasses

Amazon $12.99

For the bookworm who loves a touch of bling!

FUPRECIOUS Retro Cat Eye Sunglasses

Amazon $15.99

Those al fresco brunches with your girl gang will be extra glam with these sunnies.

Jeepers Peepers Neon Pink Cat Eye Sunglasses

ASOS $35

Unleash your inner Barbie Girl with these neon pink stunners.

“Anaka” Gold Filigree Ornate Catseye Sunglasses

Pearls & Swine £80.00 GBP

Turn heads with this gilded statement piece. (They ship internationally!)

Folk Art Betty Embellished Cat Eye Glasses

Lenoradame $120

These aren’t just sunglasses, they’re a work of art!

Kate Spade Amelie Sunglasses

Nordstrom $150

When you want something classic, but with an air of mystery.

JOIUSS Cat Eye Glasses Frames


Your prescription glasses just went from ho-hum to ME-OW!

Miu Miu Leopard Print Sunglasses

Macy’s $318

These leopard print Miu Miu sunglasses are PURR-fect for summer! Treat yourself!

Crystals’ Rain Sunglasses

Dolce & Gabbana $3,355

When we win the lottery, these exquisite sunglasses are at the top of our shopping list!

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