June 28, 2024

Summer VaCATion


It’s summertime, so for a lot of us that means a chance to take a much-needed vacation. But if you have a cat, being able to relax when you get away depends on being sure your pet is safe and happy. We’ve been following some trends that help you do just that!

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If you’re leaving kitty at home…

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If you’re not able to get a friend or relative to look after your cat while you’re away, Rover.com has expanded their services to include cat sitting, while Meowtel has cat sitting services in 43 states. You can keep in touch with kitty while you’re gone using a deluxe pet camera so you send her a treat no matter where you are!

If you need to board your cat…

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If keeping your cat at home isn’t an option, boarding accommodations have gotten the luxe treatment in recent years. Catzonia in Malaysia claims to be the first five-star hotel for cats, Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotels in the UK offers designer cat beds, gourmet menus, and even a spa! Closer to home, the Morris Animal Inn in New Jersey offers Kitty TV programming, while Whiskers in in Texas keeps their guests entertained with aviaries and a view to a giant aquarium. Yelp has ratings and reviews for the best cat boarding in your area.

If your cat travels well…


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Perhaps your cat is the adventuresome type. Petfinder offers tips for traveling in the car with your cat (hint: start with shorter trips to see how they adjust before you take off on a long journey). VCA has a helpful list of considerations if you’ll be flying with your cat, with reminders about security and airline policies. If you’re checking into a hotel, be sure to check their cat policy– “pet friendly” does not always mean “cat friendly”. GoPetFriendly has a list of cat friendly chains, but note that policies can vary from hotel to hotel, so do call ahead.

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