November 19, 2018

8 Cats Who Look Like We Feel After Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to hit pause on our busy lives and finally practice some of that #gratitude we’ve been talking about all year. It’s our favorite feel-good holiday that doesn’t come with the expectation of romance, presents, or high glam. We can just  bask in the love of our family:  biological, chosen, furry, or a combination of all three. 

And then there’s the food — have we mentioned the food? Another thing we’re thankful for is yoga pants, because between the gravy, the pies, and five kinds of carbs, we’re going to have our Fitbits working on overdrive next week trying to make up the caloric difference.  Not that that’s a bad thing, of course. If there’s any time to stuff your face with three desserts, Thanksgiving’s it. But after that last sliver of pie is gone, the food coma hits.

These cats have nailed the highly relatable post-Thanksgiving meal stupor. They even bear a striking resemblance to certain family members.

Cousin Gene knew he shouldn’t have scarfed up the pool of leftover gravy from Grandma’s plate, but he just couldn’t help himself, and no one was really surprised.

Photo credit: Don Sampson, Flickr

Beatrice considered leaving the last bite of giblet stuffing, but she was no quitter.

Photo credit: Ali Crehan, Flickr

Aunt Margaret realized she would need those SPANX for the holiday gala.

Photo credit: Lauren Tucker, Flickr

Uncle Frank’s urge for a nap was far greater than his urge to watch football.

Photo credit: Heather, Flickr

Pat vows to sign up for spin classes on Monday.

Photo credit: fauxto_digit, Flickr

Cousin Loretta wondered if anyone would notice if she left the dirty dishes and disappeared into the cat condo to play Candy Crush.

Photo credit: play4smee, Flickr

Little Leon’s eyes were bigger than his stomach. He would later blame tryptophan for the sleepy face plant into his food.

Photo credit: Julie Falk, Flickr

Everyone knew that as soon as Grandpa Gus hit his favorite chair, he’d be out in a matter of minutes.

Photo credit: Julie van der Velden, Flickr

Team CatCon wishes you and your loved ones a safe and happy Thanksgiving!