December 28, 2023

Happy MEW Year!

Grey and white cat with a mouse toy

To put a feline spin on a classic holiday song, “What are you doing MEW Year’s Eve?” (Special thanks to our friends and followers who shared these pics on social!)

We know it’s hard to motivate yourself to go out to a party after a cozy holiday week indoors…

Especially when the weather outside is FRIGHTFUL!

But if you take a few moments to freshen up…

And put on the PURRfect outfit, purrhaps you’ll find yourself ready to go celebrate the MEW year

Just grab a FUR-iend…

Or three…

And get ready to PAW-ty! 

Just remember, if you overindulge this New Year’s Eve…

It’s important to stay hydrated! 

But look, if you PURR-fer to stay in and cuddle with your boo on New Year’s Eve, we don’t blame you one bit! 

Team CatCon wishes you and your kitty a very Happy MEW Year! 

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