February 7, 2024

Even More! Vintage Meow-lentines

We learned our lesson! Search “vintage cat valentines” on Pinterest, get sucked into an hour-long black hole of cute and bad puns. Check out the rest of our weird and wonderful collection on Pinterest!

Those are some fierce boots, but the spurs are super impractical.

For those of you not familiar, that’s a LANDLINE DIAL PHONE like we used to use in the Dark Ages.

Cartoon cat in a plane with the caption "I think it should be 'PLANE" to you that I'd loop-the-loop for a boy like you"


Cartoon cat rolling out pie dough with the caption "You furnish the 'dough' and I'll be your SWEETIE PIE MY VALENTINE"

This card has a disturbing “gold digger” undercurrent.


I don’t care how fluffy the kitten is, two puns in a single Valentine is too many!

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