February 5, 2024

Vintage MEOW-lentines

We scoured the internet to bring you the cutest, sweetest, and weirdest vintage cat Valentines. We also learned a few things along the way, like: 

You have to have a HIGH tolerance for puns when Valentine’s Day rolls around

Cartoon cat looking at an old fashioned girl through a lace heart. Caption reads "Do you 'CAT'-ch on? I want you for my Valentine"
Cartoon parrot on top of a locked bird cage containing a striped kitten. Caption reads "Don't be 'CAGE'-y, Be my Valentine"
Old fashioned cartoon boy placing a striped kitten holding an envelope with a heart on it into a mailbag. Caption reads "The cat's out of the bag- now everybody knows you're my Valentine"
A brown cartoon girl cat standing next to a grey cartoon boy cat who is nuzzling her. The hearts behind them read "NO KITTEN! You're Sweet! Be my VALENTINE!"
Two cartoon cats wearing bows around their necks cuddle in front of a vintage television set. The caption reads "ON 'TV' OR OFF YOU'RE MY PURR-FECT VALENTINE ALWAYS"

Like, a really REALLY high tolerance!

A grey cartoon cat peeks out from a large home freezer filled with frozen food. Caption reads "Say VALENTINE- Why the FRIGID AIR?"
Photo of a vintage cat valentine depicting a cartoon siamese cat. Caption reads "YOU A-MEWS ME I GUESS SIAM IN LOVE"
Two grey cartoon kittens pose next to two oversize hearts. Caption reads "I may not be the CAT'S ME-OW BUT I COULD GO 'FUR' you BE MY VALENTINE"

A musical serenade is one way to win over your Valentine… 

Cartoon cat wearing a hat and playing a violin. Caption reads "QUIT FIDDLIN' around and BE MY Valentine"
A cartoon cat plays an oversize tuba. Caption reads "Do I want you for my Valentine? DURN TOOTIN'"
Cartoon cat plays a stylized bass fiddle decorated with hearts. Musical notes emit from the bass with the words "Playing a VALENTINE SONG"

A bit of sweet talk helps, too

Cartoon cat emerges from a blue sugar bowl holding tongs and a sugar cube. Caption within a heart reads "HI 'SUGAR' BE MY VALENTINE. YOU'RE SWEET"
Cartoon cat standing in front of a treasure chest wears a pirate costume with the words "LOVE ME" on his cap. Caption reads "To my Valentine You're my Secret Treasure!"
Two striped cats cuddle atop a fence, a stylized MEOW with a cat's face for an 'O' above them. Caption reads "LOVE ME MY VALENTINE, AND MY NINE LIVES ARE ALL YOURS"

But sometimes you have to wonder WHAT the sender was thinking when they chose that card…

Cartoon cat licking a cupid in a bowl of water. Cupid is holding a heart that says "To My Valentine". Caption reads "YOU'RE ALL WET BUT I LOVE YOU"



Seriously, YIKES! 


But when all is said and done, it’s the thought that counts! 

Cute cartoon cat wearing a halo and wings. On a Valentine heart background the caption reads "SAINT OF SINNER - I'M A WINNER BE MY VALENTINE'

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Team CatCon wishes you and your kitty a very Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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