May 11, 2024

More Graduation Cats!

graduation cat affectionately pawing a woman in a graduation gown.

May – June is graduation season, and nobody celebrates this milestone better than cat lovers! These 2023 graduation cats are proof!

Photo above: @eternal_dre4mer/Instagram

Lots of grads decorate their caps with quotes and uplifting messages. @just_weird_alice, @orangecatcrochets, and @raine_bailie  got their ins-PURR-ation from their beloved cats! 

Some cats’ meow-mys got them their very own caps!

Diego the cat thinks the tassel makes a swell toy… 

 While @thepersianloki is NOT amused… 

@king_ceefer is quite upset he wasn’t invited to the ceremony, and he’s not giving up the cap until he gets an apology. 

Some cats DO get to go to the big event, and get extra special cuddles afterwards

@vegasthecrosseyedkitty/TikTok (Look – the harness matches the gown!)

Some kitties could barely handle the excitement! 

Others got a formal PAW-trait

One thing’s for sure, celebrating such a major milestone is much sweeter with your best friend by your side.

Especially when they earn their own Bachelor’s Degree… of Fluffiness! 

Congratulations Class of 2023! Use hashtag #graduationcat and tag @catconworldwide when you post your graduation day feline festivities, and we may feature you in a future blog!

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