February 6, 2024

MORE Vintage Meow-lentines!

It’s that time of year again, when we go down the Pinterest rabbit hole of weird and wonderful Valentine cards featuring cats.

Most of these Valentine cards are PURR-fectly sweet…

Cartoon cat standing next to a globe with the caption "In all the WORLD there's no one like YOU! Be my Valentine"
Cartoon of girl in a striped chair reaching towards a black kitten with the caption "Can I purr-suade you to be my Valentine?"

But every now and again we find one that seems a bit… over-eager?

Cartoon cat adrift at sea in a life preserver. Caption reads "I went OVERBOARD for love, you 'SEA' Won't you come and rescue me? Be My Valentine"
Cartoon of a hula girl and a kitten on a beach with the caption "HAWAII VALENTINE. GET A 'WIGGLE' ON 'CAUSE I'M IN A 'DITHER' SAY YOU'LL BE MINE 'CAUSE MY HEART IS ALL A-QUIVER!"

Or even vaguely threatening!

Cartoon of a boy and girl cat dressed in human clothes. Boy cat is holding girl cat's hand. Caption reads "Now don't 'forget' no one but YOU can be my Valentine"

Would YOU send one of these creepy cards?

Photo of a vintage black cat valentine. Caption reads "Your heart is safe with me I can see in the dark"
Vintage cartoon large black cat dressed in a red polka dot dres. Little boy looks up at her. Caption reads "DON'T BE A 'FRAIDY-CAT' JUST BE MY VALENTINE"

What on EARTH is that creature that kitty is holding?

Cartoon cat holding a teddy bear (??) Caption in a heart says "I've got you for my Valentine"

Could you sleep at night with this staring at you from your nightstand?

Creepy black cartoon cat valentine. holding a heart-shaped card that reads "To my Valentine"

We think it’s best to stick to the basics on Valentine’s Day. Fur CATS sake!

Grey cartoon cat with a blue bow around its neck and a heart in the background that reads "FUR CATS SAKE!" Cat is sitting on a fence with the words "BE MY VALENTINE"

Team CatCon wishes you and your kitty a very Happy MEOW-lentine’s Day! Don’t forget, we have a collection of HUNDREDS of Valentine cats ranging from cute and cuddly to downright creepy on Pinterest!

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